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Accept the challenge and go get the code to open the Mysterious Box. The Mysterious Box is a team game that combines sightseeing in historical center of Prague and solving parlous puzzles. Test cohesion of your team, have fun with your friends or prepare an adventure for you children. Make the game even more entertaining and assemble more teams that will race to get the content of the box first. All you need is a common sense, an open mind and a wit. No factual knowledge. Can you out find what Hugo Tapfer left in his Mysterious Box?

> Start: Prague – Malostranské square
> Number of persons in the team: 2-5
> Number of teams: 1-10
> Route length: 4 km
> Time limit: 3 hours
> Difficulty: medium

> Price: 1 299 CZK 

REGISTRATION: info@prahahrou.cz

Each team must be over 18 years of age, playing at their own responsibility.


During the continuous reconstruction of the National Museum in Prague, a hidden box was found while demolishing of a transverse wall. It seems very probable that this box dates back to the second half of the 30’s, when the given part of the building went through a partial reconstruction. The artefact is provided with a lock on a four-digit code which has not been deciphered yet. Conservationists intend in any case to avoid the use of raw power to unlock the box, so they do not damage it. Fortunately, there was also a document attached to the box containing instructions to complete the code.

The attached document was dated back to the 2nd of October 1938 and was signed by a certain Hugo Tapfer, who used to work as a researcher in the Museum according to the preserved archival documents. However, shortly after the Munich Agreement, he decided to use almost his last possibility to emigrate overseas due to his Jewish origins. Nevertheless, he decided to preserve a small remembrance on himself in the Museum, which remained well-hidden for more than the next 70 years.

During the efforts to decipher the code, conservationists decided to ask the public for help. What does the mysterious box hide? Which tasks and parlous puzzles must be accomplished to reveal the right numerous combination for unlocking the lock? Will you succeed?ore et dolore magna aliqua.